• These two have plenty of places in our house to be high, but none of them look out onto the back deck. Actually, the cats are usually out on the deck whenever they want to be. But since that’s not possible this week, we had to make other arrangements!


    • How perceptive of you, Ella! It’s quite true that Sasha, on the right, barely tolerates Sophie, on the left. Often, she simply leaves the room when Sophie appears and demands to be licked, to play, to cuddle. Today, however, she was willing to share the spectacle on the other side of the glass; it was too unusual a view not to stay. The seats normally belong to us, not them. But given the circumstances, we too “shared.”

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      • Hmmm. These stools probably came from Design Within Reach, or Crate and Barrel, or MOMA (Museum of Modern Art shop), all favorite shopping venues for Bill. There are six of them in white and orange throughout the condo, all acquired on the sly, since it is my view that we really have no use for them, certainly not for six. But then bringing home artful small items is, for Bill, a disease. The cats make use of them when nothing is on them, but then they also make use of everything else in the condo when nothing is on it, including but not limited to stuff bought especially for them: their four high scratching posts, a modern nearly ceiling height cat tree, a Hepper pod in which Sasha often, like Garbo, retires when she wants to be alone. That is probably more than you wanted to know. “Lucky cats” was probably a misnomer. “Spoiled rotten” cats is more like it.


    • There speaks California! Had I taken a photo out the front door, to show you the completely covered cars and white mountains everywhere the plows had gone by, you’d really have had something to look at! As for digging, the condo association hires an outside company to do it, so Monday was indeed Happy! Question: First it was Christine, then Chryssa. Now Elizabeth?


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