[Come summer heat, much of my blogging momentum melts away. Hence an experiment until Labor Day: fifty minimalist posts about whatever.]

Just before bedtime Monday evening, I tripped while hurrying to turn out a forgotten spotlight in the living room. The fall was hard, on my face. It felt as if I had smashed my nose. My glasses lay ahead of me, unharmed, where they had flown off.  When I lifted my head, blood fell in large drops on the wood floor; I thought it was a heavy nosebleed, one that hurt.

 Bill cleaned me up, stanched copious bleeding with Band-Aids, reported on the visible damage: substantial horizontal cut to bridge of nose, second cut at inner left eyebrow, smaller cut at side of left eye. And yes, a left nostril nosebleed.  But nothing broken. In the bathroom mirror: blood covering my top teeth from damaged mucosa and rapidly swelling upper lip. Yesterday both eyes had turned partially black. I looked as if I’d been mugged.

 Now Bill speculates on how it could have happened. Scatter rug? Flimsy Indian footwear? Fatigue? I speculate it might have been my unconscious, searching for something to blog about next. I wouldn’t put it past me.

37 thoughts on “WRITING SHORT: 3/50

    • Thank you, Clarissa. The next day, I did feel pretty bad. But today, things are looking better. (Except for the raccoon eyes, which makeup covers pretty well.) Thing is, I almost never fall, unless I’ve tripped over something that shouldn’t be there, which wasn’t the case this time.


    • Thanks, Van. Actually, I had a luxurious Tuesday staying home out of vanity and eating almost nothing but ice cream because of the badly swollen upper lip. Imagine, a whole pint of (lower calorie) vanilla ice cream for lunch! Also a nap with cats. All in all, not bad.

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  1. Nina, not a good way to have a luxurious day, or to find something to blog about. So sorry you had a fall! Seriously, at my age, when I had a recent unexpected fall, I thought about “balance.” I upped walking exercise to include uneven surfaces, small hills, and sudden turns. Yep, it’s working, I can feel it! Christine

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  2. Very sorry to hear of your fall. Please be extra careful. The white background is too small today… some of the writing got lost. But I managed to read every word. Just telling you so that you might be able to fix it. But maybe the problem s with me. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. And Bill, we know you did it to her… but because she loves you, we’ll overlook the whole incident.

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    • Thanks so much for your concern and good wishes, Shimon. I’m functioning pretty well today (Wednesday). Bill agrees he may have done it to me. His faulty reasoning is that he’s the one who wants spotlights near all the houseplants, and therefore should be the one who turns them off at night. But Monday he forgot one and asked me to go back and do it. That’s when I went down. He was doing mea culpas all over the place that night; even brought me a big bunch of flowers on Tuesday. (Atonement?) Although, love or no love, it’s pretty hard to “overlook” the incident as long as I’m sporting raccoon eyes and a puffy upper lip that almost eclipses the lower one.

      As for your “white background” being too small, I’m not sure what that means. Bill gets the blog by email and his copy looked fine. I checked it on my iPhone and iPad, and it looked normal there too, as it did on the desktop computer. So I must conclude the technological problem is yours. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. 😦 Hope you can fix it.


      • Yes, I’ve come back to your blog now, to check it out. And it looks fine. Don’t know what caused the graphic problem, but it seems to have gone away. Again, I wish you a speedy discovery. I seem to bump into things a lot more in recent years, and often have unexplained black and blue marks on my body. No question about it, we have to be more careful as we grow older.

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