Not one to shy away from admiring my own words, I’ve probably already spent far too much time combing through the fourteen months of archived stuff on TGOB to pull out the pieces I like best and make them accessible from the home page.

They’re now over on the left of the screen in three categories of “Pages” — Fiction, Selected Non-Fiction, and Selected Essays and Other Short Pieces.  I have no idea whether blog readers ever go exploring the underbrush, but if anyone has such an inclination, now it’s easy.  Pick a title on any of those three pages and click it.  Voila!  A new piece to read.  (Or re-read, as the case may be.)  They’re not in any particular order, so you can start anywhere.  Or decide not to start at all, and wait for something new.

Which should be coming up any day now. Just give me a breather.  I hate housework almost more than anything, and this job was no exception. I’m so glad it’s done.  Tell me what you think….