That’s the message Christopher Robin put on the green door of the tree in which he lived (in The House at Pooh Corner) when he was not actually inside the tree.

It has been brought to my attention that I have not been present inside TGOB — which coincidentally has a green background on its home page — for quite some time; that some of my dear virtual friends and followers might be wondering (if not indeed worrying) where I was; and that I should put up a notice to the effect that I have gone fishing.

Unfortunately, I don’t fish.  (Except once, when I caught nothing.) But not to wonder, not to worry.  I seem to have overwhelmed myself with new undertakings and have always been unable to multi-task so as to fool everyone all of the time that I am on top of everything.  I am not on top of everything, and since posts don’t clamor to be written regularly in the same way assignments for regularly meeting classes and lessons and group meetings clamor to be properly prepared, guess what fell by the wayside?

However, if you just hold on a bit longer, I shall be “backson,” as six-year-old Christopher Robin would have put it, as soon as I can. And with more new stuff to read. In the meanwhile, if you’re really bored, you could go try to catch a horrible Heffalump with honey and report back on how that worked out. I’d love to hear.