I can’t remember who first sent me this.  Just that it came in an email and made me feel good.  So good, in fact, I played it again twice more before saving it for a rainy day.

It’s a flashmob performance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, staged and filmed in the main square of Sabadell, Spain, to look as if it were spontaneous. But you don’t really need to know that. Just think of it as a booster shot of happy.

I ran it here nearly a year ago, when this blog was new and had two dozen viewers. (It got three likes!) So a few of you have seen it. But very few. Now that for most of us the leaves are falling, winter’s chill is in the early morning air, and we’re setting our clocks back this Sunday to conserve what little light seems left in the world — it may be time to run it again. After nearly two hundred years, it’s still a heartwarming infusion of pure joy.



Nothing fatal. Just a comprehensive case of eczema that makes it painful to sit, think, or type. So if you’ll excuse me while it gets getter, here’s a rerun that should cheer you up until I rise again from my couch of itchy-scratcy, all anointed with Medicare Part D-approved medications that are supposed to relieve the need to tear myself apart with my fingernails.  Please bear with me and enjoy.  It’s a flashmob performance of Beeethoven’s Ode to Joy, recorded in one of the main plazas of Sabadell, Spain.  Some of you will have seen it before; others not.  Whichever category you’re in, my feeling is you can’t get too much joy. 

[Re-blogged from November 23, 2013]




After the bittersweet emotions of the previous post, we need a booster shot of happy.

I am therefore presenting again, for your viewing and listening pleasure, a flashmob performance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, from the fourth movement of his Ninth Symphony, filmed in the main square of Sabadell, Spain.  I first uploaded it in “Learning to Blog: 2-5” — the blog where I began.  Therefore some of you will have seen it. But some of you have not. Still others (like the ones who prefer heavy metal ) may leave and never come back.

A risk I will take.  Bill wants to see it again, I want to see it again,  you may want to see it again too, once you’ve seen it the first time. Who owns this blog, anyway? 

So here goes….

Get ready. Get set. Go!