1. Rita

    Until recently, I have considered myself a very liberal person with a great feeling that negotiating in this world can help solve differences. I find now that I have changed my views and feel that there is real evil in this world and it must be dealt with. I applauded the French sending their planes,out to bomb ISIS..some things can’t be negotiated!


    • “Dealing with evil” is easier said than done. I do believe the French raids on ISIS centers in Syria were symbolic: that is, they were psychologically helpful for France. But they were hardly dispositive. (Haven’t we been bombing the same sites for over a year? I’ve heard that for every 1000 jihadists thus eliminated, 1000 more sign up.) We will now hear a lot of talk from journalists, columnists, candidates, government officials about what more is necessary, beyond sharing intelligence, but will likely not hear any commitments to put “boots” (with real live human beings inside those boots) on Syrian ground. I have no idea at all about how to deal with people who hold their own, and other people’s, lives so cheap. That’s what’s so shattering.


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