[Come summer heat, much of my blogging momentum melts away. Hence an experiment until Labor Day: fifty minimalist posts about whatever.]

The small deck behind our sliding glass kitchen doors is one story up from the downward sloping ground beneath it. When you stand on the deck you are therefore in the air, looking out in spring and summer at green tree foliage. There our two housecats safely try snaring the small birds and squirrels frequenting the twin feeders hanging off the top rail. (They have better luck with the occasional crawling insect.) Every year we also put out a few pots of colorful flowers that can withstand hot morning sun with daily watering. An occasional bird dips its beak in the saucers of run-off water.

This year, a helpful garden center saleswoman recommended a few other flowering plants undeterred by blistering mornings. In addition to our usual orange impatiens, we therefore also came home with reddish million bells, orange and yellow zinnias, and — to hang off the railing between the feeders – a large yellow lantana.

Soon two gorgeous new visitors arrived (plus several bumblebees). As one who lived almost all her long life in concrete cities, I had never seen a live butterfly up close. But there it was one morning, fluttering around the lantana for almost twenty minutes, black of wing with white and yellow markings, much larger than I would have imagined and not afraid of me when I came close. News of the lantana must have spread: the next day a second brilliantly yellow and black butterfly joined the first, sipping nectar from its multiplicity of yellow flowers.

Now when I hold the watering can over the lantana each morning, it’s for the two butterflies too. My butterflies. I’m so proud!


10 thoughts on “WRITING SHORT: 10/50

  1. Rita Stewart

    Loved this summer snapshot–how lucky you are to have those Monarch visitors (I think they are,and they are endangered!) Where I lived, we used to have swarms of Monarchs who stayed here for a time before their incredible migration. Alas, like many creatures on our sad planet, they are being depleted. So ENJOY!

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    • Thanks, Rita. I am enjoying them (during their brief lives). I hadn’t realized they were an endangered species. (From toxic sprays?) That does make these moments more precious.


    • As a woman who tenderly relocates ladybirds, I should think you would! 🙂 That’s what’s so good about blogging; somewhere in the world there are going to be at least a few people who feel about something the way I do!


  2. Yellow Lantana is so special. We have a purple one and it flowers almost all year around. Maybe I’ll have to find a yellow one too! The butterflies are gorgeous, and make it worth having to water daily.


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