Come summer heat, much of my momentum melts away. I thought of re-blogging till Labor Day. However, that’s too lazy for my punitive superego. Therefore the next fifty days will be an experiment: minimalist posts about whatever. This is the first one.

Brevity is hard for me. Short often takes longer than long. So perhaps I won’t be easing up all that much. Especially as I had thought I might use some of the extra summer time to work on a longish story now languishing unfinished on my desktop while I blog. A paradox: write less to spend more time writing.

Promising ideas like this one can also boomerang. But I won’t know until I try.

20 thoughts on “WRITING SHORT: 1/50

  1. I like the idea and support the experiment. It’s harder, I agree, to write short pieces. But I don’t think it necessarily takes more time. And in any case, is a very noble experiment. I believe you’ll enjoy it quite a bit… and sure that we’ll enjoy it with you.

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    • Thank you, Christine. Don’t expect many pictures, though. For me, those also take mucho extra time. Besides, with exceptions now and then, this is — as you must have noticed — a very prose blog. 🙂


    • Ah, there speaks the reader! From that point of view, I agree. A long piece sometimes has to look very good indeed for me to plow through it. On the other hand, many important matters can’t be explored in 500 words or less. But, as I said, it’s summer — the time for blogpost lite.


  2. I in the old newspaper days a reporter was writing on deadline and budgeted for a limited number of column inches. We had to write quick and dirty, confident that the copy desk would fix our most egregious errors.


  3. I’m doing something similar, Nina. I have used all my blog memory AND don’t know how to back up what I have but I feel stifled so far from home. So I am going to post one photo a day on my little used FaceBook page until I decide what to do about Nancys Travel Blog.

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    • I didn’t know there was such a thing as “blog memory.” And if you’ve used it up, can’t you buy more from WP? I wish I could see your pictures, but I’m leery of FB, haven’t joined and don’t think I will. (Although you never know.)


  4. I prefer my short posts. I recently took up the 100 word fiction challenge, and it has been so motivating. To create something and pare it down to a minimal amount of words, is just fascinating to me. Good luck with your summer adventure, Nina, I’ll be watching. ☺

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    • Good for you, Van. 100 words, which I tried once (although not for any challenge but my own), defeated me. I can pare down with the best of them, but I see too many significant aspects of whatever it is about to leave them out. My own “writing short” here may at times hit as high as 700 carefully chosen words. For me, that’s short. However, I am going to try to stay shorter. Don’t watch too critically. 🙂

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