1. Jools

    That all looks so amazing! I know you’ve had a tough winter up the East Coast. So it won’t help to say that over here in London the sun is shining, the winter pansies and crocuses (or is it crocii?) are blooming, and I went out without a jacket or a scarf on today for the first time in weeks. Sorry!

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  2. From the Kalevala a quatrain:
    Widespread they stand, the Northland’s dusky forest
    Ancient, mysterious, brooding savage dreams;
    Within them dwells the Forest’s mighty God,
    And wood-sprites in the gloom weave magic secrets.


    • It is beautiful. It’s also well below freezing, and impenetrable by foot or car until the plows come and the unfortunate men with shovels hired by the condo association arrive to dig us out. We’re supposed to be living in a temperate climate, too. That’s what’s so astonishing and annoying about this winter.


    • Thank you (as always), Takami. Your praise as a photographer is always most welcome. However, you really should just praise the iPhone. I just point and shoot…. Are you sorry it didn’t snow in Tokyo? I should think it would be a relief.


    • There speaks a Georgia girl! The last photo is the view from inside my office. I picked this room to work in — rather than the one with all the sun — for the view. Summer or winter, it’s dedicated land out there and will never be built on. Wonderful.


    • Do you live where it’s very hot, Barbara?

      Yes, snow is indeed beautiful when it first falls. It’s okay about the houseboundedness, though. The temperature was 40 F. today and everything is beginning to melt. We can get out, cautiously. Spring is beginning to be sprung.


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