Those of you who recall “Some Thoughts (If You Can Call Them That) About Sex,” three posts back, may also remember I made reference near the end of that post to an email correspondence I had had with another blogger. The correspondence contemplated the composition of “elderly erotic stories” about persons of at least sixty by a “woman writer” and a “man writer.” It was an idea that soon went nowhere. But when the other blogger got back from a brief vacation in Mexico and learned of the post, he inquired, by email, whether I had identified him as the “man writer.”

I assured him I had not and would not, because his blog is much classier than mine.  (He thinks about ethics and how we should live; you know what I think about.)  I therefore assumed he wouldn’t want any of my readers rushing over from my blog to his for more sex only to get a load of Snowden instead. (Edward Snowden, and courage, was a recent topic of his).

But now he himself has pulled away the “Anon.” with which I had thoughtfully veiled him by acknowledging his part in this email correspondence.  In a post of his own.  With a link to mine.

How can I thank this very ethical man?  Why by linking right back, of course.  Don’t be afraid to click this responsive link.  Although he’s still ethical as all get out — in his blog, anyway — this newest post in which he identifies me is about his vacation in Mexico and meeting a financial adviser named Greg in the pool.  Yes, there’s a lesson at the end  — “Each one teach one” — before he gets to the sex part (where I come in) and then the words of Socrates in Plato’s Republic.  But it’s not hard to read.  And I’d really love for you to see my name, and the name of my post, on Montaigbakhtinian.  It’s sort of like finding your name on the honor roll in grade school.  And to think: I got there with sex!

(Thank you again, William Eaton. You’re a sweetheart, if it’s not too unethical to say so.)

7 thoughts on “I SAID I WOULDN’T AND NOW LOOK!

  1. What an oddly exciting dance of a meeting and thinking place this blogging thing is, eh? Am so enjoying your blog and naturally sped off via the link at top speed. So glad I did! Thanks. Congratulations. And what fun.


    • It certainly can be, DappleGrey! (Do you have another name that we can use?) Sometimes a bit too exciting. So glad you’re enjoying TGOB. Did you get to Montaigbakhtinian after the extremely high-toned three-part exchange of “thinking” in the comment section (following Cynthia’s comment)? You’d hardly know I was the same person, would you? 🙂


      • Ho ho! Just finished reading the responses. But incidentally you’d be wrong to think your post didn’t stimulate rumination in its readers as it certainly did me!
        I do of course have a name. But not in the world of the invisible horse. If you were to track me long enough and with sufficient determination you’d find me uncloaked elsewhere on WordPress but I’m going to persist in being coy. Sorry of that’s annoying. D.

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      • Actually not all that unusual – I think you’ll find a there’s a lot of us who prize anonymity, for a lot of reasons (I’ve been reflecting on this as another blogger I follow recently introduced a discussing on the subject). But thanks for being so polite about it!

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