They move away fast when you take out a camera.


But it’s spring. And you know where a young goose’s fancy turns in spring.


Maybe if we hurry around to the other side of the pond, we’ll be able to get a better view.

Ah!  That's better!

Ah! That’s better!


There used to be two. Now there are eight:  mama, papa and six little goslings.


I wish I could show you the six little balls of fluff huddled near their mama more clearly.


But the parents are protective; they just don’t come close to shore with their goslings.

And even the miraculous iPhone 5s has its limits.

As do I.

But if you click on a photo to open it, you’ll get a better view.

(Don’t say I didn’t try.)




7 thoughts on “NEW FAMILY IN TOWN

  1. Love ’em, love ’em, love ’em ❤ (Squeals with delight :-))
    I think I may have mentioned this before, but you are a great photographer. I wonder what your other talents are (you seem to be able to do everything)? 😉

    I also plan on posting some gosling (so that's the proper way to say baby goose!) photos on Friday… 😀 Thanks again, you just made my morning.


    • Oh Takami! You are going to turn my head clear around like that girl possessed by the devil in “The Exorcist!”

      I’d love to hear the squeals of delight!

      To answer your question, one other thing I do very well is not be able completely to conceal distaste for someone. As my older son used to say to me, “When you don’t like someone, it’s not hard to tell!” But much more interesting would be a post about all the things I don’t do well, or completely fail at. However, I don’t think I’m going to write that one.

      I eagerly look forward to a sighting of your Japanese goslings. Perhaps there will be a series? Ducklings, goslings, cygnets?


      • I am still going “Awwwww” over these photos ❤
        I think I share at least one talent with you (not be able to completely conceal distaste for someone…I've been told that it can very obvious at times, oops) so I'm honored 😀

        I'll post my gosling photos tomorrow. They're not as nice as yours, but I think you'll find them to be quite cute 🙂


  2. I like the series very much. The iPhone seems a very adequate camera. Actually, all cameras have their limits. And the job of the photographer, in my opinion, is to discover the personality of the camera, and then to use it, it’s strengths, as a vehicle for personal expression, or to record those things that interest him. Sometimes, the most primitive tools have just the qualities we’re looking for…


    • Thank you for liking the photos, Shimon. (I assume that’s what you’re referring to, and not the series of iPhones Apple has released over the years.) However, I have always thought of words as my “vehicle for personal expression.” When I was first able to travel abroad during holidays from work, my children — just out of college — pooled their resources to buy me a fancy-Dan camera, with different lenses and a light meter and shutter speeds and a carrying case and a book that explained everything. To my shame, it has sat on a closet shelf all these years. I used a little automatic Canon during those holidays; looking at the results laboriously mounted in heavy photo albums, I now very much doubt I ever discovered the personality of that camera.

      Nonetheless, I do appreciate the kind words from someone who was a professional photographer (as well as many other things)…. 🙂


      • There’s no question that the ‘fancy-Dan’ can do a lot of things that an iphone or a compact can’t do. But for the amateur that hasn’t really learned the subject well, it’s harder to work with than the compact camera. And yes, it was your photos that I was speaking of.


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