Marquand Park is an arboretum and recreational area at the corner of Lovers Lane and Stockton Street in Princeton, New Jersey.  It has walking paths, a baseball field, expanses of grassy lawn and attractions for young children, such as a playground structure and a sandbox with trucks and sand toys belonging to the town. The park gets its name from Princeton University professor Allan Marquand, who acquired a parcel of property at this location in 1885.  In 1953, the Marquand family donated seventeen acres of it to the town for use as a park, and in 1955 a non-profit foundation was created to care for the new park.  Marquand Park now features over 100 species of trees and shrubs — none of which I can identify for you, although each has a small name plate telling you what you might want to know about it.

But one needn’t be an arborist to visit the park.  Especially in the spring and fall, it’s lovely to stroll its paths, or sit on the grass or on one of the conveniently located benches.  Last Sunday,  which was Mother’s Day, Bill and I did just that. The weather was glorious. If we turn the calendar back, you can come along too…..  Be warned, though:  there’s a lot to see, beginning with the views from the parking lot:





The children’s area is closest to the parking lot:




IMG_0590 IMG_0595

IMG_0732But then we leave children behind and enter the park proper:

IMG_0588IMG_0596IMG_0597IMG_0599IMG_0600IMG_0602 IMG_0607

IMG_0610IMG_0613Now we come into a shaded area:


IMG_0619IMG_0620IMG_0621IMG_0623IMG_0625IMG_0626IMG_0627IMG_0628IMG_0632IMG_0633IMG_0636IMG_0637IMG_0638And here comes the sun again:



IMG_0645IMG_0646IMG_0649IMG_0651A private house adjoins the park.

IMG_0652IMG_0654IMG_0655IMG_0656IMG_0657IMG_0658IMG_0660Time for a rest?  Probably….


IMG_0698IMG_0594Views from the bench:

IMG_0661IMG_0663IMG_0668IMG_0673IMG_0674Better get up and get going again….

IMG_0670IMG_0664IMG_0666IMG_0667IMG_0702IMG_0703IMG_0705IMG_0710IMG_0713IMG_0721[We’re nearly back to the car.  Just a little farther….]

IMG_0723IMG_0725IMG_0726IMG_0728IMG_0737And here we are!


I warned you there’d be a lot to see.

But wasn’t it a lovely day?


    • I rather thought you would, Takami! 😀 And yes, it IS a beautiful park. We got there somewhat late in the spring for the flowering trees. Early in May, there are masses of pink everywhere you look!


  1. This is not a commercial, but the iPhone 5S has a built-in camera that’s fantastic. Add the cropping available from the iPhoto software on my year-old Apple desktop — and voila! I am absolutely, positively, not — and have never been — a “photographer.” But every single picture on this blog since last November (when I began) has been taken with that little phone, including the photos of old photographs that (obviously) were taken long before iPhones and computers were ever thought of!


  2. Yes, the park IS a pleasure. As for seeing us, bright sunlight is perhaps not the kindest light in which to be viewed for those of us who are “getting old.” But it’s too late for vanity. And also you’ve already established, in previous comments, that you look on wrinkles and other marks of experience with an appreciative eye! 😀


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