Yesterday, Sasha — our first cat — turned five!   Which meant she was in line for a present.

Unfortunately, Sasha and her younger step-cat Sophie have already been terribly spoiled — yes, spoiled IS the right word — with at least one example of practically every cat gadget and cat gizmo a capitalist society can devise.  So Bill — the avid acquirer of stuff in our house — was hard pressed to find something new for Sasha’s birthday.

But Bill always comes through!  After diligent research, he once again discovered a tasteful, stylish, upscale something.  Specifically, something called a Hepper Pod, of which I had never before heard. Perhaps because it hasn’t been in existence for very long.  (What he paid I haven’t asked.) Whether any cat, even a spoiled one, is really in need of a Hepper Pod is debatable.

However, after a few sniffs and a bit of encouragement, Sasha agreed to enter it.


She may have agreed because she’s fond of us.  Or because it only holds one cat at a time, and when she’s inside with the lid down she’s safe from Sophie’s company.


However, when the lid comes down as it’s supposed to, it’s hard for us to see in.  Only her tail is the tip-off.


So Bill insisted we also photograph the pod, and Sasha, without the lid.  To show off the lining, as well as the cat.


You can tell from her expression that Sasha’s humoring us.  And perhaps you can also tell by now who the Hepper Pod is really for.

Happy Sasha’s birthday, Bill.

Happy birthday, Sasha.

(And many more.)

You can jump out now.


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