Who knows?


Kate Swaffer is a brave and highly literate woman living with a diagnosis of dementia. She is a tireless advocate of meaningful dialogue about the critical issues impacting persons like herself. She also writes a terrific blog. She says of herself: “I am living every day as if it’s my last, just in case it is. I urge you all to do the same.” I especially liked the poem I’ve re-blogged here — in part for its lovely sound and shape, but more importantly, because it’s true for everyone one of us, and not just for Kate.

who knows

He knows what he knows

And she knows what she knows

But who knows what she knows

And who knows what he knows

Some days I don’t know

What I know

Let alone what he knows

And even less what she knows

It ‘s a strange conundrum

Wondering what he knows

Or she knows

When most days

I’ve got trouble

Remembering what I know

The point being

We know less about more

Nothing about everything

But in the end

Who knows?

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