IMG_0152Writing is a window.  It opens onto vanished feelings and vanished worlds.  Often it is the only window there is, the only access we will ever have to those things.  It is more than a mere record, like a photograph, because it is also a sensibility, a point of view, a voice.

It is the place where, fifty or a hundred years from now, people will go to see — and hear — what it was like to be alive when we were alive.  We were alive in this year, and what we write is part of what remains.

 — Borrowed (and slightly adapted) from Louis Menand, “Introduction: Voices.”  The Best American Essays, 2004.

5 thoughts on “WHY WRITERS BLOG

  1. I blog to try and record all the thoughts and feelings I experience every day and would otherwise be lost. In other words, I blog for myself, but others are welcome to browse and comment – it’s the perfect interactive journal.


    • Perhaps you should re-examine your motives. If you were really writing for yourself, wouldn’t you have marked your blog “private” or stayed offline? As it is, WordPress reported yesterday that there are 54 followers of your Blog, Blogger, Bloggest blog. (Not to mention the others.) Whatever you imagine your intent to have been, it looks as if you’ve opened a window into your thoughts and feelings to at least those 54 people, who now know something of what it is to be alive today as you. Keep blogging! 🙂


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