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I am — for once — speechless!  My good virtual friend Kate from katebortell has nominated me for The Shauny Award for Blogging Excellence!  I didn’t even know about this award until she did this exciting thing.

But now I have looked it up. And I see the criteria of the award are simply to exemplify love, humility, and authenticity to self in one’s own blog, and then to pay the honor forward by nominating ten other bloggers who demonstrate the same qualities.

Actually, I’m amazed that Kate has thought me deserving. ( I’m especially not sure about the “humility” part.)  But I accept, I accept!  Thank you so much, Kate.

What I especially like about this award is that the recipient can show appreciation by passing it on to ten other bloggers whose blogs exemplify what The Shauny is about.

So here, in no particular order, are my ten nominations. These ten bloggers have all given me a great deal of pleasure since I joined WordPress and discovered them.

You ten, keep going!  You’re doing great!

Everyone else, if you don’t already know about these ten, please do visit their blogs when you have a chance. Each one is, in its own way, wonderful:

1.     originalpea

2.     Kimchi Latkes

3.     T Ibara Photo

4.     rachelmankowitz

5.     maspring37

6.     I Am Begging My Mother Not to Read This Blog

7.     The Year of Living Non-Judgmentally

8.     Work In Progress

9.     Funny Sweet Chocolate: Essays by Mark Coakley

10.   SIM I Antics


And thank you again, sweet Kate…..

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