Our topic for today is:  “What should ninamishkin blog about next?”

So far I’ve been doing all the heavy lifting around here, right? Well, now it’s time to put on your thinking caps and start clicking some of those “Leave a Reply” links.

Yes, YOU can help choose what you read about next in “The Getting Old Blog.”  Look at it this way: it’s a win-win situation — I get a breather, you get to put your two cents in.

Here are a few suggestions. (I just happened to have jotted them down on a handy iPad while I was supposed to be thinking about something else.)  Choose one and tell us why you chose it.  I mean tell us really. “Because it sounds interesting” is not persuasive.

  1. Playing the Personals
  2. Colonoscopies — yes or no
  3. Throwing things out
  4. Shrinkage  (the kind you pay for, or Medicare does)
  5. Shrinkage (as in weight loss, not laundry)
  6. Googling yourself
  7. Hair
  8. My three-minute engagement to a famous person
  9. A personal question (and what I answered)

Do I have more on the iPad? You bet.  But that’s enough for starters.  (And yes, you can vote for two.)

Don’t feel limited, though.  If something else comes to mind (that I might possibly know anything about), go right ahead….

I’ll give it a couple of days before I report back on the results.  Meanwhile, I’m off to buy that brisket!

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