Some of you may recall my getting all excited three months ago,  in a post titled “A First At Eighty-Two,” about finally achieving publication — real in-print publication — in a prestigious literary magazine.  The piece was a memoir about the summer I turned thirteen which was called “Falling Off The Roof” and The Iowa Review editors with whom I signed the contract scheduled its appearance for the Spring 2014 issue, which I was told — and then told you — would appear in April.

April has of course now come and gone, and The Iowa Review web page is still promoting the Winter 2013-14 issue!  How come? What gives?  Where is my piece?

A telephone call produced the answer.  The front page of the Spring issue was re-designed.  (At the last minute?)  Consequently, production has been delayed.  The editors expect to mail out the Spring issue to subscribers and contributors on or about May 20, with the web page offering it for purchase by everyone else shortly thereafter.

Never fear, those of you who have expressed interest in reading what was so triumphantly announced on these digital pages last January.  I will be back with particulars as to how you can get your hands on a copy…as soon as there is a copy to get your hands on.

In the meanwhile:  New blog piece next time.

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  1. I started reading your piece last night and finished it this morning on the way to work. Almost welled up on the subway — completely related to little Nina. Oh, I please hope you keep writing and keep submitting. I want more more more!!! Adding your blog to my RSS feed. Do you ever do readings in the Princeton area?

    • Thank you so very much, Anittah, for such enthusiastic appreciation. And for the tweet!!! I have added “librarienne” to my RSS feed by way of reciprocity. I would do readings in the Princeton area if anyone asked me to, but that’s not likely to happen soon except in a fantasy world. TIR did lead to a nibble from an agent, but I first have to find something to send him, and clean it up. I asked for 4-6 weeks. So we’ll see…. Thanks again for the vote of confidence. :)

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